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Vocational Education

Vocational Education and Training (VET) is one of the sectors in the Australian education system. VET sector focuses on delivering training for a specific skill. Vocational Education and Training often develop a lifelong skill and ability. Through practical training and theoretical teaching, VET provides on hand experience for the human resources for the labour market. In addition, VET is also a pathway to high education. Many universities now recognised qualification under VET section and allow recognition for prior learning for academic exemption. Normally, courses available under VET section are Certificate and Diploma. It is suitable for high school students wanting to involve in trade or upgrading the academic qualification in the related industries.

Organisations providing Vocational Education and Training are as follow:

TAFE Institutes:
TAFE (Technical And Further Education) is a publicly funded organisation providing vocational education. It provides more practical trainings than university. TAFE institutions are independent from one another and have their own campus and facilities. TAFE campuses can be bigger than some university campuses around Australia. TAFE institutions offer various courses and are available in different locations.

Private Colleges:
There are more than five thousands registered private colleges around Australia providing vocational education and training. The courses offered are similar to those available at TAFEs and are a great pathway to university. They are articulation agreements between private colleges and universities where the student can be assured of the specific credit exemptions into particular university degree upon completion of the study.

Secondary Schools:
More than 95% of the secondary schools in addition to Senior Secondary Certificate also offer vocational education and training. As a result, through the high school study, the student can complete some components of the vocation study at the same time. Courses available at this level include Certificate I, II or III.

Qualifications under Vocational Education and Training:

There are four levels of certificate starting from Certificate I, Certificate II, Certificate III and Certificate IV. This qualification is often studied for increasing future employment opportunity or advancing current education qualification. Through the training under Certificate I and II, the students are able to learn the basic knowledge of an occupation and Certificate III and IV allow the student to advance in their study and skills.

Through the training and study under Diploma courses, students are able to apply their skills and knowledge practically to problem solving. It enables students to further advance skills and managing ability.

Advanced Diploma:
This qualification is built on top of the knowledge and skills acquired during the study of diploma.

Duration of the Qualification under Vocational Education and Training:

• Certificate I: 3 – 6 months
• Certificate II: 3 – 6 months
• Certificate III: 6 – 12 months
• Certificate IV: 6 – 12 months
• Diploma: 1 – 2 year(s)
• Advanced Diploma: 2 – 2.5 years
•Vocational Graduate Certificate: 6 months
• Vocational Graduate Diploma: 1 – 1.5 year(s)

Tuition Fee of the Qualification under Vocational Education and Training:
Tuition fee varies depending on the qualification and the institutions/colleges. Generally speaking, the tuition fee for international students ranges from AUD$ 5,500 to AUD$18,000.
Griffith College

CRICOS Provider Code 01737F

Griffith College


Griffith College offers the best pathway into Griffith University undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. We are fully accredited by the Australian Government's Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency and we are registered to deliver education to international students under CRICOS Provider - 01737F.

Our diploma courses are the first year equivalent of a Griffith University bachelor's degree, therefore the advantages of studying at Griffith College include:

-Griffith College graduates are eligible for entry into second year of the equivalent bachelor degree at Griffith University, in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast
-We offer a supportive learning environment, including small class sizes and extra tuition time, ensuring our students receive individual attention from their teachers
-You would be joining more than 13,700 students who have graduated from Griffith College with most finding success in Bachelor degrees at Griffith University
-On university campus from day one

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Holmes Institute

CRICOS Provider Code 02727M

Holmes Institute


Established in 1963, Holmes commenced building a proud tradition of business excellence with the founding of a commercial college in Melbourne Australia. For over forty years, Holmes has had an enviable reputation as a quality education provider, being 100% Australian owned and maintaining since 1988 an unchanged senior management team. From 1988, Holmes has moved steadily towards active involvement with the higher education sector, particularly in the provision of undergraduate level degrees. The establishment of the Holmes Institute of Higher Education is in fulfilment of the company's higher education mission. To meet this challenge Holmes initiated relationships in 2000 with a number of public Australian universities.

Why Choose Holmes?
Holmes Institute is driven by a culture of continuous quality improvement and in this context, the institution constantly seeks ways to align its education products with the demands of the labour market. This goal also informs curriculum development at Holmes, which includes fostering a commitment to life-long learning, international perspectives and the advancement of knowledge and understanding among its students. Holmes Institute aspires to quality practices, which provides a stimulating and relevant education for its students and disseminates ideas about learning, community and citizenship relevant to an increasingly complex and technologically driven world.

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International Educational Services Limited

CRICOS Provider Code 01697J

International Educational Service Limited


International Educational Service Limited is the only provider of the UQFY. The University of Queensland Foundation Year (UQFY) is a preparatory college for international students based in Brisbane. The program prepares more than 500 students annually to study within undergraduate programs at the University of Queensland. The UQFY has won awards for outstanding student service and educational excellence.

The Foundation Year program is accredited to provide students with a Certificate IV in University Preparation, students who achieve the specific standards are guaranteed a place in the first year of undergraduate courses at The University of Queensland.

Graduates enter all faculties of UQ including Arts; Sciences; Business, Economics & Law; Engineering, Architecture & Information Technology; Health Sciences and Social & Behavioural Sciences.

IES offers three different programs for international students, with five intake dates throughout the year:

  • Standard PLUS Program - 44 weeks
    The program is suitable for all students who have reached an IELTS of 5.0, especially younger students, students with high academic aspirations (e.g. Pharmacy, Vet Science studies) and students who need to increase their English language competency.

  • Standard Program - 37 weeks
    Recommended for students with good academic results and English language proficiency of IELTS 5.5 or equivalent. The program has two start dates each year - February and July.

  • Express Program - 27 weeks
    Designed for students who have stronger English language proficiency (IELTS 6.0 or above) and are capable of handling a faster pace of tuition.
    Also suitable for students who have completed a matriculation program in their own country but have not quite met the entry levels for undergraduate study or who need to gain assumed knowledge in certain subjects.

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La Trobe Melbourne

CRICOS Provider Code 03312D

La Trobe Melbourne


La Trobe Melbourne is an alternative entry option to La Trobe University, one of Australia's leading universities. Operated by Navitas, a global leader in the provision of education programs and services, La Trobe Melbourne provides a complete university experience within a personal and supportive environment and a fast-track pathway to an extensive range of degree options.

Why choose La Trobe Melbourne?

  • La Trobe Melbourne offers a range of Diploma courses, which are equivalent to La Trobe University's first year bachelor degree. Upon successful completion, students enter second year of their Bachelor Degree, choosing a degree from the university's five faculties. La Trobe Melbourne also offers Foundation courses, which allow students to access the first year of a Bachelor Degree, and English Language Studies for international students who need English instruction.

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Le Cordon Bleu

CRICOS Provider Code (SA)01818E (NSW)02380M

Le Cordon Bleu


Le Cordon Bleu Australia offers a passport to a vibrant and exciting career in hospitality, culinary arts & tourism.

Le Cordon Bleu's prestigious qualifications enable graduates with the right blend of passion, drive and commitment to reach the top of their chosen profession. Graduates leave with a world renowned qualification that differentiates them from the crowd.

Le Cordon Bleu retains only the highest-qualified academic staff whose many years of leadership in hotel and hospitality management reflect a deep understanding of the challenges faced with a career in this exciting industry.

Why Choose Le Cordon Bleu Australia?

  • Le Cordon Bleu Australia offers the ideal start to a successful career pathway with its innovative hospitality focused undergraduate and postgraduate degrees which have been strategically developed with prestigious universities and institutions in Australia.

    All awards offer the perfect mix of academic and practical training to ensure our graduates achieve success in their chosen career. Combining all the essential elements of traditional business degrees, the Le Cordon Bleu business degrees are cemented with specialised knowledge and skills required to reach the top professionally in the hospitality and tourism arenas. Graduates are armed with the specific tools, confidence and preparation to succeed in a variety of middle and upper management roles within these challenging and growing industries.

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Martin College

CRICOS Provider Code 01682E

Martin College


Martin College has been helping people to launch and revitalise their careers for 35 years. Our qualifications are respected by employers – the practical and applied focus of our courses means that our graduates get good jobs. Our Diploma courses can also provide a pathway to degree study at university.

We offer Certificate and Diploma level qualifications in the areas of Business, Management, Marketing, Graphic Design, Information Technology, Tourism and Events. Our teachers are industry experts who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom. Class sizes are small, and the teaching approach is friendly, supportive, and personalised.

We also provide job-seeking advice, work experience and internships to our students through the Martin College Career Starter Program. Our Careers Counsellors are available to consult for guidance and support, and you can even apply for jobs through the e2e job portal, which is exclusive to Martin College students and alumni.

Martin College is a part of Study Group, a quality global education provider that invests in our students' futures and strives to enhance their career prospects. We have welcomed thousands of students from all over the world, and we actively support all our students, both domestic and international, to ensure their study experience is as enjoyable as it is rewarding.

Our Student Enrolment Advisors are happy to answer any questions you might have. Contact us today to find out how Martin College can help you advance your career.

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Sarina Russo Institute

Sarina Russo Institute
CRICOS Provider Code 00607B
The Sarina Russo Institute is part of the Sarina Russo Group, which was established in 1979, and has established itself as an industry leader in education, training, recruitment and job creation.

Over 10,000 Australian and International students are educated through our RTO each year. We deliver industry focused accredited and non-accredited training, mentoring and job placement services.

The Sarina Russo Institute offers industry focused training with a strong focus on providing you with an outstanding learning experience, offering flexible delivery, equipping you with the skills, knowledge and support for successful employment outcomes.

Industry Focused Training
Understanding the needs of employers to recruit, develop and retain a productive workforce is central to the success of the Sarina Russo Institute. For over 33 years we have worked with a wide range of industry sectors to support their staffing and training needs. Our consultant and trainers come to their roles with real life experience, skills and most importantly an understanding of the workplace. With specialise expertise in business, hospitality, warehousing, resources and infrastructure, contact centres and traffic management we work with thousands jobseekers and employers each year to ensure the training provided is real and relevant.

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Shafston International College

CRICOS Provider Code 01590J

Shafston International College


Established in 1996 on the banks of the Brisbane river, Shafston has grown to be the largest college of its type in Australia with over 60,000 students having attended since its inception.

Shafston offers one of the widest range of programs in Australia including preparation classes for all the major English exam systems and a range of highly sought-after Diploma programs.

Enrolment Information

With a wide variety of English courses, Shafston provides a great stepping stone for your future. Shafston provides prospective students with a wealth of information in order to help them make the best decision regarding which course is right for them. Along with our network of higher education providers, students are offered the opportunity to explore pathways to further study. Shafston offers Recognition of Prior Learning to allow students to take advantage of their previous studies.


TAFE Queensland

CRICOS Provider Code 03020E


TAFE Queensland provides education and training services to a diverse cohort of students in a wide range of educational settings. It is essential that as a TAFE Queensland student you understand your rights and responsibilities, the rules and expectations governing your behaviour and your safety, and the standards for academic and research integrity.

As an enrolled student, you assume these rights and responsibilities upon admission. In matters that are not specifically covered by the TAFE Queensland Student Rules and Policies, you must observe the principles outlined here to ensure the dignity of each person, respect for others and their property, and academic excellence are upheld.


The right skills and hands-on experience for your career – that’s what you get when you choose TAFE Queensland. Plus TAFE can give you a nationally-accredited qualification and delivers training in more than 20 study areas.

Save time finding a training provider – come to TAFE Queensland Brisbane for a career that will take you places!

The best teachers are those that work closely with their industry. TAFE Queensland teachers regularly return to industry to maintain their skills. This means our students learn from the best. These teachers and close partnerships with industry provide students with unique opportunities to gain real work experience.

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CRICOS Provider Code 00099F



UTS:INSEARCH is an important part of the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) community. As a successful private higher education provider established by UTS, we share similar values and a teaching philosophy based on practice-based learning and offering a rewarding student experience. UTS:INSEARCH is your pathway to UTS, Over 3,000 students from 75 different countries come to us every year to prepare for university. In 2012, 91 per cent of our diploma students achieved the marks required to articulate directly into UTS. Once there, our diploma graduates average a pass rate of 90 per cent or more.

Why UTS:Insearch

What they find when they join UTS:INSEARCH is a truly rewarding student experience. They meet highly qualified teachers and student advisers who care deeply about their success. They discover small classes that provide them with more personalised tuition. As they enjoy terrific facilities, learning resources and technology, students also uncover the benefits of our link to UTS: access to libraries, social clubs, sports, events and more. As a successful private higher education provider established by UTS, we are constantly investing in our facilities, people and curricula to maintain our reputation as a premium education provider.

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