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10 Reasons to Study in Australia

1. Low Fees
Tuition fee is comparatively lower than that of USA and UK. Living expense is comparatively lower that that of USA and UK; living standard is ranking highly in the world.
2. Quick Visa Application
The enforcement of E-visa ensures that students can get their visas quickly and successfully.
3. World-Level Education and Training
Australia’s education quality is in the first class in the world. For the 100 best universities in the world there are 8 from Australia. Degrees of the 40 public university are recognized internationally. The ranking of Australian university in the global university ranking is just inferior to that of USA and UK.
4. Part-Time Work
Overseas students can work up to 40 hours per fortnight when your course is in session, and in the holidays, you can work full time.
5. Perfect Service for International Students
Overseas students can enjoy the discounted overseas student health insurance. There are professional staffs available in most institutions to assist international students with accommodations arrangement, study support, everyday life problems and the wellbeing of the students.
6. Legal Protection for Education
There are regulations and laws in place in migration and education to protect the right and interest of overseas students.
7. English Speaking Country
Australia is an English speaking country where students are completely in an English language environment.
8. Beautiful Country
Australia is one of the countries which are most suitable for human beings to live. The weather is good and it is sunny most of the year. A good option for your immigration destination.
9. Immigration Choice
If the overseas students study in Australia for two years, their study field is in skilled occupation list is in demand in Australia, then they have the opportunity to immigrate to Australia. Now Australia accept about 110,000—150,000 new migrants annually and overseas students are one of the main sources.
10. Multicultural Society
Australia has implemented multicultural policy and welcomed migrants for decades.