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Our Team & Belief

We believe that only with professional education knowledge and experiences, we aim to excel in providing the optimal education pathway for all our clients. We always execute “professionalism” and “caring kindness” in order to reflect the perspectives of our clients to achieve the optimal educational plan and outcome for our clients.

Visa Service Team

AC&T International has two registered migration agent who focus on providing assistance in student visa application for our clients. Not only do we provide assistance for student visa application, we also help students to solve their visa problem when they breach the visa conditions. We assist in internal and external school appeal for students who might breach their student visa conditions and the revocation of student visa cancellation and MRT review. Furthermore, our registered migration agents provide updated skilled migration regulation and information for our students who intend to migrate to Australia after the completion of their study in Australia. This service allows our students to be informed regarding the knowledge of constant changing skilled migration regulation.

Team Member:Randy Chi and Jenny Chi

Education Service Team

AC&T International has three registered education agents. With their personal Australian study experience as well as practical professional knowledge, they can always propose the optimal study plan for overseas students.

Team Member:Randy Chi, Joyce Gu and Jenny Chi

Marketing Team

Everyone from AC&T International work with professionalism and loving kindness for our clients in order to outline the best study plans and migration plans. In addition to our professional services in migration and education, AC&T provides assistance to best of our ability for our clients in their work and everyday living so that our clients can enjoy their life while studying in Australia.

Team Member:Sonia Chi, Randy Chi, Joyce Gu, Jenny Chi
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