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Changing education provider advice for visa holders who are not on streamlined visas

27 Mar 2014

If you are intending to change education provider, you should contact your current education provider for information. In most circumstances the new education provider will be restricted from enrolling you if you have not completed six months of the main course of study for which your visa was granted.

If you want to change provider before completing the first six months of your main course of study you must contact your current education provider for permission and receive a release letter. You will require a letter of offer from the new provider in order to apply for a letter of release from your original education provider.

If your education provider does not give you permission and you are not satisfied with the outcome you should first access the internal appeal process with your education provider. If you are still not satisfied you can appeal the education provider’s decision at an external complaint handling body, such as the State or Territory Ombudsman or the. Overseas Student Ombudsman。